Why Hire an RCDD

What is a RCDD®?

An RCDD is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer who has attended the status of exceptional excellence in the field. The RCDD designation is recognized industry-wide as indicating superior design expertise.

Those holding the professional RCDD designation include architects, electrical engineers, telecommunications consultants, interior designers, telco personnel (from both the regulated and the deregulated sectors), data network designers, and many other industry specialists.

RCDDs are accomplished professionals.

What is a BICSI®?

BICSI is a professional not-for-profit telecommunications association, founded in 1974 to serve the telephone company building industry consultants (BICs). BICs were responsible for the design and distribution of telecommunications wiring for commercial and multi-family buildings.

BICSI has become a worldwide association, supporting the information transport systems (ITS) industry, with more than 23,000 members. Our programs and interests cover the broad spectrum of the voice, data, audio/visual, building automation and life-safety technologies. BICSI offers courses, conferences, publications, and registration programs for telecommunications cabling distribution designers and installers

BICSI Vision Statement

BICSI is the worldwide preeminent source of information, education and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving information transport systems industry.

Why Hire an RCDD?

A registered professional in the field of telecommunications distribution design.

10 compelling reasons why you should hire a proven professional . . . an RCDD . . . to achieve your telecommunications design objectives

When you hire a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD), you immediately add a unique level of knowledge to your organization. You take on an individual who has completed a rigorous, in-depth program. It is a program designed to single out and present those individuals who are recognized as having demonstrable skills and professionalism in this highly specialized, demanding field. These outstanding individuals maintain their organized program of continuing education. It is the educational program that keeps them on the leading edge of rapidly developing technologies.

1. RCDDs have demonstrated a wide range of knowledge.
Every RCDD professional has successfully completed and passed an extensive examination on the fundamentals of telecommunications distribution design. You know that the RCDD who has just joined your team has accomplished proven qualifications by meeting rigid standards.

2. The BICSI RCDD program is the standard of the industry.
The cornerstone of the RCDD program is the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual. This publication contains more than 1,500 pages of information relating to low voltage wiring. As updates occur, they are added to the manual, assuring that the RCDD is fully informed on new developments and changes. Every RCDD is encouraged to be familiar with the contents of the manual. The RCDD professional possesses a solid foundation of knowledge, helping to assure steady control of projects and programs.

3. RCDDs exemplify professional conduct and integrity.
Professional conduct and integrity of work completed mark the RCDD expert. A relationship of trust and honor is established with you and your RCDD. The BICSI RCDD program is designed with integrity in mind. All RCDD professionals are expected to exemplify these principles.

4. RCDDs must complete a structured program of continuing education.
RCDD registration renewal is required every three years. A continuing education agenda requires all active RCDDs to participate as a prerequisite to understanding and meeting all current renewal specifications. RCDDs must confirm to you that their registration is current and in keeping with all of the requirements set forth by BICSI.

5. RCDDs have ready access to telecommunications resources.
Through membership in BICSI, RCDDs have the capability of accessing more than 23,000 telecommunications professionals in all facets of the industry. This capability is distinguished in all facets of the industry. This capability is distinguished by the wide choice of directions and alternatives it affords both the RCDD and the employer of the RCDD. RCDDs are often noted for the aggressive interest and active participation in the industry of their choice, the telecommunications industry. Networking and interaction enhance their knowledge and information resources.

6. RCDDs have ready access to a steady flow of professional, technical, and industry information.
Active RCDDs have continuous access to the latest information in the telecommunications design industry. By virtue of the status of active RCDD, the professional you hire knows the way around the maze of the ever-changing world of industry codes and regulations. Changes, updates, and revisions in telecommunications industry standards are known to render programs, projects, and objectives obsolete. Armed with knowledge and information, your RCDD can minimize these impacts.

7. BICSI conferences enrich the knowledge and capabilities of the RCDD.
BICSI conferences and workshops are co-sponsored by major universities and leading corporations. Rapidly changing technology, new products, and the effects of critical issues and challenges constitute the primary focus of the BICSI conferences. Active RCDDs attend these conferences and, as a result, they can offer leading – edge capabilities to those who hire them. When you hire an accredited RCDD, you get a concentration of working knowledge, hands-on experience, and in-depth perception.

8. BICSI provides a wide range of training courses.
Professional training for telecommunications professionals is the objective of BICSI’s courses. Every accredited, active RCDD has direct access to more than 100 training courses and seminars, including: Distributor Design, Wireless Networks, Outside Plant Design, Fiber Optic Design, Grounding and Protection, Project Management, and more. A full curriculum is offered on each specialized subject. Your RCDD professional has access to levels of continuing education unparalleled in most disciplines. The two-pronged objective is education for the industry and training for the workplace.

9. RCDD professionals are often required.
The RCDD registration is recognized and mandated by many private and state organizations. More and more projects require that bids be submitted by an RCDD. RCDDs earn recognition through registration won by diligent effort.

10. RCDDs are tested from a generic perspective, giving them flexibility. RCDDs have been tested from a generic viewpoint. They are not inhibited by specific product criteria. They exhibit innovation, advanced techniques, and long-term thinking. Freedom to apply knowledge and training exemplifies the RCDD.

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